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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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another storm is making its way to the bay area, and if it lives up to its billing, you're probably going to take notice. the timing on the storm will depend on where you live. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. we start with the view outside. this is the view on the marin side of the golden gate bridge. areas to the north could see 2 inches or more of rain tomorrow. people in the south won't see
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the rain until later in the day, but pretty much everyone can expect high winds, as the front moves through. >> wet weather already caused this problem in the north bay. the driver of a coca-cola delivery truck lost control and slid off river road near guerneville. authorities say the roads were wet from a steady rain when the crash happened about 1:00 this afternoon. a tow truck was called along with a hazmat team to clean up that storm. >> the timing has changed a little bit. >> yeah, it slowed down a little bit from where we were last night, but the intensity of the storm has not changed at all. here's the set up, we talked about it the last few nights. you see one to the south in here, then you see this one to the north, they're going to merge up over the bay area as we head into early tomorrow morning. mainly right off the bat in the north bay. scattered showers just north of
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san francisco. tomorrow, the computer model shows you rain gets stuck up there in the north bay. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's raining hard in hillsberg, and in petaluma, and santa rosa. look what happens. we push all the way to 10:00 a.m. that's five hours later, and look where the rain is. it's still raining hard in marin county. just showing up in san francisco about 10:00 a.m. then bang, right there about 4 or 5:00 p.m., it starts to hammer san francisco south. there will be heavy rain. there will be urban and small stream flood advisories. already, for marin county, sonoma county, napa county areas. wind advisories. it's going to be quiet the storm in terms of messing with the afternoon commute. when i come back, we'll time it it out completely. get it to dial down so you can plan your day on this stormy thursday as the storm begins to batter the coast, the city of pacifica is about to announce an urgent need to demolish an
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apartment building. city officials declared that 310 espinaud was unsafe. since then, it's now in danger of falling down a cliff. this week, a sinkhole also opened up along the path of that condemned building. since 2010, two other apartment buildings nearby were red tagged, and then demolished because of coastal erosion. and a reminder that you can check weather anytime with the ktvu 2 weather app. to the oakland warehouse tragedy and a benefit concert underway for the victims right now at the fox theater. among the performers, san francisco rock band primus, and beats antique. the show attracted quite a crowd. >> yeah, that it did, julie. this benefit concert has not sold out, there are still
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tickets available here at the fox theater. we've been watching people line up all night at the box office. not only about raising $300,000, but also about creating some awareness, and also helping find relief for the victims of the fire. their families. it was a night to celebrate victims of the ghost ship fire, through music, speeches, and stories. >> these people are a part of our community. when we forget about these people, we forget about our community. >> reporter: remembered tonight as 20 artists took to the stage. usually, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to put an event like this together. this came together in one week, leaving organizers inspired. >> the artists decided to play on the spur of the moment. all the staff came together at the spur of the moment. everyone came out to support this event. >> reporter: the event was a collaboration by music promoters, noise pop, and another planet entertainment. the oakland united concert
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headlined by the band primus, while all victims were remembered, there was a special place for cash askew. one of the first victims identified. >> we had his band performing in tribute to him. >> if you don't know someone directly, you know someone who lost someone in the fire. my good friend aaron jumped out of a window, and he's actually playing with us tonight. >> reporter: you didn't have to call the fruitvale neighborhood home to feel affected by the tragic events. >> i grew up in rockridge, which is pretty much the other side of the city, and you can still feel a real sense of, not despair, but everyone felt real down. >> reporter: the energy could drift away with time, but that's not likely to happen here. >> i think it's really important for this event to bring the bay area community together in ways it's never seen before.
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that can have a lasting impact, not just for the next few months, but long term. >> reporter: back here live, all the proceeds from tonight's event go to the gray area foundation for the arts. the oakland fire relief fund. they already have over 680,000 in the pledged donation. so they're doing really well. >> rob, thank you. in downtown oakland tonight. a public feud over warehouse safety in the days following that warehouse fire appears to be over now. the owner of everett jones barbeque, had pledded for the owner of the saltlick warehouse next door to bring the building into compliance. the situation resulted in a shouting match with hate filled messages on facebook. today, the two sides promised to help and support each other. they also held a 36 second moment of silence for the ghost ship victims. >> one of the first things things i'd like to say is to
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apologize for misinterpreting your intentions when you first came in. >> we have been meeting, ever since we had that press conference, getting to know each other. >> restaurant owner dorothy king said she used to live in a warehouse, and always had their best interests in mind. workers at casino san pablo called for an increase in their benefits this evening. dozens of union workers marched in front of the casino in the city of san pablo. they say housekeepers, servers, and others make just $11 an hour. >> we know they have the money. we don't know why they can't give it to us. also, they just bought land in windsor, and they said they're going to build a hotel over there. >> the workers want a 12% raise. more negotiations between the union and casino are set for
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january. the federal reserve raised a key interest rate today by a quarter percent, and more rate hikes may be coming. janet yellen predicted three more rate hikes this year. experts say people may start to notice higher rates for some loans. >> it affects the short term rate like auto loans, and short term bank loans, but the long term rate for mortgages really doesn't affect it much. for those people still looking for houses, and working out financing, it's loans are incredibly low right now. >> the dow fell 118 points, the nasdaq dropped 27, and the s & p 500 lost 18. yahoo has revealed another major cyber attack that compromised the data of more than 1 billion users. the hack happened in 2013, and the stolen information may include names, email addresses,
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birth dates, and other personal information. yahoo says it believes banking information and payment data were not affected. yahoo also said the cyber attack is separate from a 2014 hack where the information of 500 million users was stolen. uber launched its self driving service earlier today. state regulators told the company it was actually breaking the law by operating without a required permit. jana katsuyama is in the city tonight. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a big day for uber, launching their new program, instead, it ended up in a battle over the legal issues with the dmv. the san francisco launch of the new self-driving uber suv's caught some people by surprise wednesday, including b smith. >> i requested an uber ride, and the next thing you know, it's that uber self-driving car. >> reporter: smith says a backup safety driver and an uber engineer were inside the
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vehicle, but it mostly drove itself. >> only except when they have to change lanes. then they have to hold the steering wheel. >> i felt pretty safe when i was in there. >> i think it's inevitable. >> reporter: met with mixed reactions. >> want to be comfortable? not yet. >> reporter: by 2:30 p.m., uber hit a road block. they were ordered to stop. the dmv emailed a later saying quote, if uber does not confirm immediately that it will stop its launch, dmv will have legal action. the dmv cited a 2014 state law that requires autonomous vehicles to obtain a permit to operate on public roads. a dmv spokesman says 20 companies, including volkswagen, mercedes, and google have complied with the law. >> uber is kind of the poster
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child of ask forgiveness, not permission. >> reporter: saying uber has a track record of not going to regulators before launching new products. >> they started uber x before they had permission from the cpuc. and then they went into carpooling, and they did that for a while without permission. >> reporter: saying the dmv's letter highlights legitimate concerns about the self driving technology. >> how can you support the information, and yet protect citizens on public streets at the same time. >> reporter: just hours after uber's launch, this video caught an uber autonomous vehicle running a red light on third street south of market. a pedestrian in the crosswalk had to pause, as the uber vehicle blew through the intersection. an uber spokesperson says this incident was due to human error. this is why we believe so much in making the roads safer by being self-driving ubers. the driver involved has been suspended while we continue to
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investigate. professor armitage says uber's clash with the dmv, highlands a broader social and legal challenge. >> a way of balancing that. the way for innovation to move quickly, and for the law to provide protections as quickly. >> reporter: we reached out to uber tonight to get their comment about the dmv letter, but so far we have not heard their response. >> i guess i find it so surprising they would put cars out on the road, driverless cars without a permit. what happens next here jana? >> reporter: well that's a good question, and really the ball is in uber's court as to whether they're going to stop, or if they're going to try to take this on in the courts. >> all right, jana katsuyama live outside uber headquarters. ahead tonight, silicon valley executives visit trump tower. the focus on this meeting with the president-elect. >> later a tennis coach accused of sexually assaulting tennis students. the search for our victims amid outrage that a sex offender was
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hired as coach. >> environmentalists are suing the fda over a popular hair straightening product. hear why critics are concerned. ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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president-elect donald trump sat down in new york today with some of silicon valley's top executives. many harshly criticized mr. trump before the elect. john roberts with the message for the president-elect. >> reporter: it was a crowd
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that just weeks ago had been openly hostile to donald trump. jeff bezos claimed trump was eroding the democratic process. apple ceo, tim cook, who raised millions for hillary clinton. facebook coo, cheryl sandberg also backed hillary clinton, as did tesla and spacex founder elon musk. pointing out tech stocks have been doing pretty well since he won the election. >> you're doing well right now, and i'm very honored by the bounce. they're all talking about the bounce. so right now everyone has to like me at least a little bit. >> reporter: there was no comment from the ceos who refused to talk to the press on the way out. curiously absent from the summit, twitter. donald trump is getting closer to filling out his cabinet. perry, a strong proponent of
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fossil fuels is drawing fire from the left. with montana congressman ryan zinke expected to soon be named secretary of the interior, that leaves only agriculture, and veterans affairs open. on the latest stop in his thank you tour, in wisconsin last night, donald trump publicly buried the hatchet with house speaker paul ryan. the two finally appearing on stage together. another issue rising on trump's radar, saying rules prohibit him from maintaining an ownership stake at the trump hotel in washington. they say when he becomes president, he will have to sell the property. transition officials said donald trump will address all of that when he holds a press conference to announce plans to separate himself prosecute his vast business empire in early january. outside trump tower in new york city, john roberts, fox news. silicon valley insiders we spoke with said one of the major issues with the president- elect, is how to bring jobs and
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profits from overseas back into the u.s. >> our tech industry, spoken out directly against apple for doing most of their production overseas, given how much wealth they generate here in the states. that's going to be probably the biggest point of contention. he wants a technology built in the united states by u.s. companies, not largely sent out to other firms. >> tesla ceo elon musk has been named an adviser to the president-elect. uber ceo, travis kalanick will also join along with the heads ever disney, j.p. morgan, and ibm. a lawsuit against the food and drug administration over the use of formaldehyde in hair straightening products. ktvu's amber lee in san francisco tonight with more on the health concerns.
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>> reporter: frank, environmentalists tell me they filed a lawsuit today saying that the fda needs to take action. tonight we spoke with a hairstylist here in san francisco who defends the use of those products. >> clients just love it. makes their life much easier. >> reporter: at salon dna in downtown san francisco, stylists tell me 60% of their clients come here to get their hair straightened, and the product they use is the popular brand brazilian blowout. it contains formaldehyde, also known as methlyn glyco. >> i have never, ever had any problems. >> reporter: two environmental groups, women's voices for the earth, and the environmental working group have filed this lawsuit in u.s. district court against the fda. saying beauty salon workers have reported burning eyes, breathing problems, headaches,
10:19 pm
and blurred vision. >> there's been an ongoing investigation since 2011, and they still haven't come back to us to say whether or not they think brazilian blowout should in fact stay on the shelves. >> reporter: critics say straightening prods work by being applied to hair, then heated using blow driers, and straightening irons. they say the high temperatures of these hairstyling tools caused the release of the formaldehyde into the air, and the constant exposure creates a health hazard. >> we have a right to know what is in these products, and you need to really look into the health hazards of these formaldehyde straightening products. >> reporter: the fda says it doesn't comment on pending litigation, and issuing warning letters to manufacturers, and informing the public. the stylist says he knows the potential hazards of formaldehyde. he says he uses gloves, works
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near a window, and a vacuum to absorb the formaldehyde fumes. >> a lot of the things we use day-to-day use formaldehyde. >> i was trying the ones that don't have formaldehyde, they don't work. >> reporter: he says it makes the straightening process last about three months. as for his clients, he says he provides masks for them, if needed. environmentalists tell me other countries, such as canada have already removed products with high levels of formaldehyde. ktvu, fox 2 news. so a few weeks ago, we had a ton much moisture like this streaming into the area, but it didn't produce much rain. the reason was, we didn't have dynamics here. we have two areas of energy that are going to combine tomorrow over the north bay first, and are going to really drop the rain. a lot of moisture available.
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we've got the mechanism that's going to trigger the moisture to come out. scattered showers showing up in the north bay. scattered showers, and drizzle all day. the national weather service has put a blood advisory in effect. this makes sense, because the rainfall rates are going to be heavy, and last for a while. they could see four or five inches of rain in that area, maybe even more. a flash flood watch in the burn areas of the santa cruz mountains. you've got a high wind watch throughout the bay area for the hilly, and coastal locations. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. this all gets going about, for most of us about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. in the north bay, it starts early. gusts to 55 miles. high wind advisory, and rainfall accumulations that could make 4 and 5 inches in the coastal hills. next time you see me, we'll take the computer model, and go right through the day tomorrow, and time it out for you. another bay area police department in need of a chief.
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at 10:30, the abrupt retirement 0 voluming 4 months of leave and conflicts of interest. the bay area's highest ranked college basketball team back in action tonight. mark will tell us if number 20 was up for the challenge later in sports. >> first, late word of a shooting just about an hour ago, and we've learned now that two people have been killed.
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all seems beautiful to me. we have breaking news in oakland where police are at the scene of a double homicide. officers tell us they responded to reports of a shooting at a gas station at 98th and eads at 9:20 tonight. another victim was taken to the hospital, but also died. there is no word on any arrests, but police tell us, it is still an active scene. we will keep you posted as we learn more. a tennis instructor in
10:25 pm
sunnyvale was facing very serious charges tonight. he's accused of sexually assaulting two underage girls. tonight, we're also learning that this 61-year-old man was already a registered sex offender. ktvu's ann reuben tells us, parents are outraged that he was hired in the first place. >> reporter: authorities have arrested tennis instructor matt montana, for what they're calling continuous sexual abuse of a child. though the facility's operator was apparently unaware, at the time, montana was already registered as a sex offender in san jose, and listed on the megan's law website. >> it was really on him in order to make that notification and not to put himself in those conditions as well. >> reporter: the city was operated by bg tennis. they say they're not sure if background checks were done. in 2012, a new operator moved
10:26 pm
in, and montana declined to reapply for his job. still authorities say he continued to give private lessons at de anza, and west valley. >> on the date of his arrest, montana was located at de anza college giving a private lesson that was not associated with the college. >> reporter: as authorities began to investigate, new allegations surface about another incident involving another young girl. they fear there could be more. >> i can tell you though, there was a second victim, and that's why we're reaching out today, to get the message out, to see if there are any potential other victim, and certainly witnesses that can help us with this investigation. >> reporter: sunnyvale officials say they'll be reviewing an undertaking, and parents say they may be rethinking theirs as well. >> i'm horrified this can happen. especially in a learning, teaching organization. it's just horrifying that the kids involved, that we need to
10:27 pm
pay attention. >> my children are in sports, and i haven't looked up their coaches to see what their background is, so i guess it's eye opening, and a good reminder that as a parent, we need to be doing that. >> reporter: anyone with information in this case is asked to contact the sunnyvale department of public safety's investigation unit. ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. still to come here, the governor of california lays down the law on climate change. >> we know the data and we know what's happening in the world, despite the deniers. >> we'll tell you about the governor's direct challenge to donald trump. >> up next, a bay area police chief retires, and her husband tells us, it followed a conflict of interest investigation that he calls a witch-hunt.
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new at 10:00, the oakland
10:30 pm
unified school district has an interim superintendent tonight. wilson is leaving in february to head the public school system in washington, d.c. dylan is currently serving as oakland's chief academic officer. hayward police chief diane urban stewart officially announced her retirement four days after she was put on paid administrative leave, and an investigation was launched. >> no reason was given, but there were suggestions of a possible conflict of interest involving her new husband and work he had done for the city of oakland. today, claudine wong spoke about the investigation. >> reporter: a letter from chief diane stewart announcing she would retire. it said nothing about the fact that she actually hasn't been on the job for four months,
10:31 pm
since she was abruptly placed on paid leave. the city manager that put her on leave had this to say on wednesday. >> what did the investigation find? >> the details won't be released. it's part of her personnel file, so we won't be talking about, or releasing the investigation at this time. >> reporter: we do know the investigation focused on the chief and her husband. her husband, clark stewart has been doing leadership, and consultant work for the city for the last four. last year, they started dating. this year, they got married. an anonymous letter this summer implied there was a conflict of interest. in an exclusive television interview, clark stewart spoke out for the first time about the investigation. >> you characterized it as a witch hunt. >> i did. i do stand by that characterization. >> four years with the city and the police department. >> the city and the police department. i've worked with every single department head in the city of hayward. >> and do you think you did anything wrong in terms of
10:32 pm
conflicts of interest? >> absolutely not. >> no question. >> no question. >> and it was looked at by the previous city manager. >> it was absolutely. an anonymous letter was provided to the city. the city manager actually looked into the matter. did some is interviews, asked questions, and we identified stopgap measures to ensure there was no way it could be misconstrued, and there was absolutely nothing inappropriate being done. >> was the investigation necessary? >> the investigation when i receive a complaint, as city manager, it's my obligation to investigate that. >> was it necessary to pull her out of office, and put her on leave. because we're told there was an investigation similar to this by the prior city manager that found no wrongdoing. >> each city manager has it to make their decision. it was my decision to place her on administrative leave.
10:33 pm
the city has severed all business ties and relationships. >> if you've severed ties it implies there was something done wrong in those relationships. >> i'm not implying anything. we just decided to sever those ties. >> reporter: her husband says his business has suffered. >> several of the jobs i had lined up have got canceled, but it also caused my wife to retire. >> what can you say about that? >> nothing. >> reporter: in hayward, claudine wong, fox 2 news. governor brown issued a direct challenge to donald trump today on the issues of client change. >> we have the laws. we have the political will. we will set the stage, we'll set the example, and whatever washington thinks they're doing, california is the future. >> jerry brown addressed a group of 300 climate scientists at moscone center in san
10:34 pm
francisco. the governor said mr. trump is filling his administration with people who deny that climate change is real. brown promised california would stand up to any attempts by the president-elect to undo progress made on the issue of climate change. the governor also said if mr. trump blocks funding to study climate change, california would take matters into their own hands. >> if trump turns off the satellites, california will launch its own damn satellite. >> brown also said he would fight any attempt by the incoming administration to cut research dollars at the lawrence berkely national library, which is funded by the department of energy. flags were flying at half staff in newtown, connecticut today, to mark the fourth anniversary of the massacre. the children were all between the ages of 5 to 12 years old. the sandy hook shooting ignited a national debate about gun
10:35 pm
control, and mental healthcare. police in san diego say they're investigating suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the founder of core power yoga. police were called to the home on monday, to do a welfare check on tice. his cause of death has not been released. core power yoga is now one of the largest chains of yoga studios in the country, with 160 locations across the u.s. a big day for five families in need. see the looks on their faces, as they get a call, all thanks to the volunteer efforts of strangers. >> we're tracking that rain that's headed our way for your bay area thursday. i'll time it out hour by hour. >> next, illegal dumping captured on camera. a follow up for our 2 investigates report, as city officials leveed a fine.
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an auto body shop has been hit with a fine by the city of oakland after our 2 investigates team caught illegal dumping on camera. >> why are you leaving this stuff here? do you think that's okay?
10:39 pm
>> that truck belonged to a company called the auto shop. the city has fined that shop $2,300 for illegal dumping. the east oakland business has until next tuesday to appeal, or pay up. after our 2 investigates report exposed the extent of the illegal dumping problem, the city said it would install four new surveillance cameras in order to crackdown. alaska airlines, and virgin america celebrated their recent merger today at sfo. a boeing 737 with the combination alaska and virgin paint job touched down this morning. it took off from alaska's hub in seattle. they joined employees of burlingame based virgin at the gate. alaska's $4 billion merger becomes the fifth largest airline in the country. >> we're excited. not just about the airline, but
10:40 pm
the brand. the corporations are here, creating jobs, making san francisco airport their home. and allowing all of our residents and business leaders to travel up and down the coast, and now across the coast. >> the deal led virgin to cut about 225 management jobs. the bay area is home to a new car company called lucid motors that unveiled its first vehicle today. the lucid air will be an all electric sedan. it boasts enough horsepower to hit 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. it plans to manufacturer the new air in arizona. they're expected to hit the market in 2018, with a price tag of about $100,000. zero to 60 in two and a half seconds. that's fast. >> that's very fast. you would know.
10:41 pm
>> that's very quick. an auto body shop in the east bay took part in the season of giving. they handed over the keys to five cars that had been totaled. >> reporter: it's as if santa and his elves made a pit stop at the auto body shop in antioch. mike donated five cars to needy families today. the cars had been totaled, but mechanics and technicians put them back together again, all on their own time, and they went to those who say they really need them. >> i never in my wildest dreams would even think that i would get a beautiful car. >> reporter: ruth got the keys to a 2010 honda civic. >> at my age, and being a grandmother, i think of safety first. >> reporter: she's raising a 9-
10:42 pm
year-old boy by herself. walking and taking buses are getting to be too much. >> i could go to the park. >> reporter: the trunk of each car was filled with presence and auto insurance is being paid for in the first year. he's given out more than 60 cars to needy families. >> it's just a great feeling, being able to give back to the community. >> reporter: community action north bay, an organization that helps struggling veterans receive a restored minivan to help get them to their medical appointments. >> you have a 2007 that's biting the dust, so i was praying this year would be the year. >> reporter: this mother says she can't believe her luck, getting a 2013 chevy cruze. her last car was totaled.
10:43 pm
her son is a hemophiliac, and worries about what would happen if he would cut himself and they can't get to the hospital. chief meteorologist bill martin returns with his forecast, including the specific timing for a major storm bearing down on the bay area. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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taking a live look outside tonight as a strong storm system moves toward the bay area, we are expecting high winds, heavy rain, and even the potential for some flooding. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. you're saying some areas could get several inches of rain? >> yeah, easy, and as you pointed out earlier, this is running behind schedule. just giving it a chance to gain strength. so most of the rain isn't going to be in the central bay area
10:46 pm
until after lunchtime. the north bay is going to see rain right away. i wanted you to see the pipeline here to the south. the hawaiian islands here. look at this tropical moisture plume. so the temperatures are going to be warm. snow levels are going to be relatively high as well. with that said, we're talking about, i don't know, some areas up to 2 to 3, to 4 inches of rain. so the system basically is setting us up to be probably one of the strongest storms we've seen all year, as we head forward here. we could see maybe another two storms to be this powerful. it's a good thing. these two energy areas phase up, as we go into tomorrow afternoon. look at that. you can see it. that's the actual imagery right now. you can see the rain showing up, mainly in eureka, and redding up to a half inch of rain already. if you can call that rain. that russian river range basin is going to get hit.
10:47 pm
it's going to pop up quite a bit from where it is. here we are at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it's raining hard, north bay. here we are 9:00 a.m. four hours later, it's still raining hard. the front sort of stalls out in the north bay. lighter showers further south. so the morning commute for the most part looks like it's almost done. by lunch time now, it's an equal opportunity storm. it's heading from north to south, but you note, in the north bay, it's still raining hard. we're five, six, you know, five, six, seven hours of rain up here before everybody else starts getting wet. then bang, about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, that is the heat of the storm. heavy, heavy red for the central bay area. big wind, big rain, and then it starts to progress. by 9:00, it starts to move out. the idea being, if this guy stalls out, we're going to get a ton more rain than we're anticipating.
10:48 pm
right now, anticipating 4 inches of rain in the coastal hills, maybe more in some places, but if this thing stalls out, and i've seen it happen before, where you get a dial like it's going to do to the north bay, it could stop over san francisco for four or five hours, and drop five, six inches of rain. anything can happen tomorrow. it's not a deadly storm in terms of, oh, boy, we've got to run for the hills, but it it is a real powerful storm. probably one of the top storms we'll see this year in terms of rainfall, production, and wind. sports is next. we'll be right back.
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10:51 pm
oh, all is good tonight, we're starting with hockey and another sharks win. >> you're always telling me about playoff hockey. this kind of had that atmosphere tonight. right around last year, i think december 15, the sharks took off. playing not such good hockey until the last week or so. tonight, second consecutive road game. they got support up there in ottawa. that shark fan digs into whatever that canadian dish may be. nice puck movement by the sharks here. joe pavelski winds up back of the net.
10:52 pm
his 10th of the year. you always think about brett burns and those slapshots, the big one timers. not this time, a great finesse move. the great talent there. brent burns, not many defensemen move like that guy. mike offman is hit by logan couturier. he is out is couturier left the premises. then it is ottawa, scoring to take the lead, but with 2:28 left, chris terney scores for the sharks. they tie it up, and go to overtime. come the shootout, again, the sharks with kevin lebank making the deposit. it would be great to see that again. look at this youngster.
10:53 pm
the sharks have a lot of young talent. the only goal in the shootout, and the sharks with their consecutive shootout streak at two in a row. meantime, joe fonzi, the warriors don't play. it's kind of an eh fight. but we did have the gales. the number 20 team in the country, taking you floor level against western kentucky. making it look easy down under. feeding jaques landale. the touch pass, emmitt noir, never really a game. calvin hermanson, scoring, gliding to the hoop, the gales up 14.5, and cruising 73-51. the gales are 8-1, and number 20 in the country. i don't know if you heard about this, but the 49ers are 15
10:54 pm
point underdogs against atlanta come sunday against the falcons. it's not going so well on the field, but off the field, the organization is doing some great things. a really busy guy of late. but joined by former teammates brett jones, ron ferrari, harris barton. the only team doing it, creating a fund to help former players in need, medical or otherwise. in fact, eddie d and the york family have donated $1 million each to get this thing off the ground and a couple of former 49ers talked about what the niners are doing. >> i think it said a lot about today's 49ers that we had 15 guys in here, they didn't need to come, they didn't need to be supportive. i think they understand that one day hopefully this will be their legacy. >> we contemplate whether or not we should make a league wide leave to the bay area.
10:55 pm
no, let's do just san francisco 49ers. maybe we'll shock the world enough that other teams will look at us and say, we need to start doing this for our guys too. >> it's long known that the nfl has not done enough for former players who have given their bodies and their minds really for the game. they need the help. speaking of help, it looks like oakland may have gotten some yesterday. of course this week, developing with the help of ronnie lott and his group, as the alameda board of supervisors basically voted yesterday to allocate some $350 million toward the stadium project at the top of that, and today, the commissioner roger goodell talked about what is still a very fluid situation with regards to getting a stadium, and keeping the raiders in oakland. >> there's not a stadium proposal on the table that we think addresses the long term
10:56 pm
issues of the clubs and the communities. so we need to continue to work at it. we, as you know, and we feel strongly, we want to keep our teams where they are. relocations are painful, and there's something we want to avoid at all costs. the raiders, of course, if they decide that they can't make it it work in oakland, they decide they want to file for relocation, that window is open when their postseason regular season are over until february 15. all right, the warriors not playing as i mentioned, they'll go with the knicks tomorrow. kevin durant visiting the elizabeth house in oakland. that's a residence for women with children that have experienced homelessness, violence, and addiction issues, and kd bringing a whole lot of smiles and some presents too. a definite give and take. tomorrow, against the knicks, that's the sporting life for right now. >> thanks mark. thanks for joining us. >> see you later.
10:57 pm
we live in a pick and choose world.
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it's been mighty cold in here since "the big chill." what say we warm our hearts by... "st. elmo's fire"? yes! couple of wine coolers and some '80s rob lowe -- i can get into that. i'm still holding out hope i'll have plans tonight. great. two for two. haley? oh, so fun, but i'm gonna have to say no. i have a photography-class thing. what kind of a thing? oh, you know, just an exhibit, like, to show our photos. is it something that we should go to? claire, we just made plans. mom, this is a college class. i'm not in the third grade. don't you have nap time there? no. i have free periods, during which i sometimes nap. is it me, or was she just being purposefully vague? alex, i want you to go through her stuff and find out about this thing tonight. wait, wait. i-i don't feel good about us snooping. i know. that's why i told alex to do it. i think haley knows more than she's letting on. it breaks my heart how badly you want to believe that. luke: we'll see you guys later. where are you going?


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